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A workspace shared by funds, supporting organizations, and startups that offers an assortment of exposure and networking opportunities
Expert Help

Expert Help

Personal assistance from leading experts, including agronomists, technologists, marketing specialists, etc.
Beta Site

Beta Site

Access to farming lands, processing systems, and integration in order to adapt the product to the needs of global agriculture
Legal Guidance

Legal Guidance

The selected startups will receive legal guidance from the Herzog Fuchs Ne’eman law firm
Access to<br> Capital

Access to

Exposure to an investor circle that includes Israeli and international angels, funds, and other investment entities
International Network<br> of Partners

International Network
of Partners

Access to an international network of investors, corporations, and professionals who can help develop the startup
Personal<br> Mentoring


Each team will be accompanied by a personal mentor and by content experts from a wide range of fields who will remain at the entrepreneurs’ disposal
Financial<br> Guidance


Guidance by experts from the Ernst & Young firm in all matters related to modules and financial plans

Who is it For?

Entrepreneurs who employ technology to provide solutions to various issues in the fields of agriculture and food waste
Entrepreneurs at a post-beta stage who have a working prototype
Entrepreneurs who aim at big international markets
Entrepreneurs who have a clear business economic model

The Partners

The Process

Submission of program applications

Submission of program applications

Two-stage selection process

Two-stage selection process

Tailor-maid program for the selected projects

Tailor-maid program for the selected projects


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